Yes. Some soaps and additives contain agents that help reduce water spots, which can react with the resin causing it to “rise” out of the break after it is cured. Generally, this problem does not show up for several hours or even several days and is virtually impossible to detect before starting the repair.
There are three main types of damage. Bulls Eye – this is marked by a separated cone in the outer layer of glass that results in a dark circle with an impact point. Star Break – this exhibits a series of short cracks or legs that emanate from the impact point. Combination Break – this has damage characteristics similar to both a bulls eye and a star break.
The finished repair should improve the cosmetic appearance of the windshield by up to 80% or more. Please keep in mind that Windshield Repairs are meant to be structural and not cosmetic.
In most cases, we can repair a windshield repair in 25 minutes or less. Depending on the complexity of the damage, moisture in the damage, or multiple breaks, we ask that you make the vehicle available to us for 45 minutes to one hour.
Your Windshield Repair may be free if you meet two perquisites. 1) Do you have Comprehensive Insurance Coverage? and if so, 2) Your Insurance Carrier is one of the 90% of Insurance Carriers that covers Windshield Repair as part of its coverage and waives the deductible.
Fear Not! We will contact your insurance company for you (with your permission) and handle the entire process.
No worries! We also accept all Major Credit Cards and good old fashioned Cash.
Yes, We do! In fact we guarantee that any Chip Repair we perform on your Windshield will not crack out for as long as you own your vehicle or you get your money back!

We provide the most proficient Windshield Chip & Crack Repair Services in the greater Sacramento area. Why Replace your Windshield when we can usually Repair it?

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Our Guarantee

We fully guarantee any Windshield Chip repair that we perform will not crack out for the life of your ownership of your vehicle. If it does we will offer a complete refund.